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Bottle Cap Blues v. Can Tab Hustle

Bottle Cap Blues or the Can Tab Hustle. You be the judge.

For Bryan : Get Blacked Out

Goldstein Productions :: 2012 Reel

Just a sic mix of sick footage. Makes me want to ski, ride, and just be outside. Well Done Goldstein Productions. Well Done.

John Neeman Tools :: Axe Making

John Neeman Tools. impressive to say the very, very least.

Blue Winged Olive Emerger :: A Staple

Wherever you’re fishing, chances are this fly should be in your box. Along with several other stages of the BWO. Fish it in the film or as a dropper. A true staple fly.

I Could Look At This All Day

The title says it all. Beautiful. Credit: Jerry Hazard via PinkBike

damn you Chamonix…

looks decent at best. now, how do I get to Chamonix?…

two hundred sixty eight (268) casts | troutification

love a well shot, well matched soundtrack vid that makes me want to go fish.

bike energy.

this will keep that bike blood pumping through your veins during the colder months. can’t wait.

positive reinforcement: Oregon is the best.

the addiction grows.